10 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

Everyone in the world uses plastic at some point in his or her life. Most people use it every day. Breaking this habit is difficult and some might say that doing so is impossible. However, trying to do so is worth it because it will make a difference. Remember, plastics that do not reach recycling industries end up in landfills and oceans contaminating the environment. Various creatures consumer this waste, and since they cannot digest it, they die from it. Every day thousands of birds, fish, and turtles among other animals die from these plastics. Recycling is one way of reducing the waste that ends up in landfills, and although it helps, it takes more than that to achieve effective management of plastic waste. Here are 10 ways to reduce plastic waste.

green garbage

1- Use your bag when you go shopping

The relevant authorities have limited the use of thin plastic bags, but doing so does not change the fact that people use over five billion plastics bags globally each year. Using the same bag or fiber basket every time you go shopping is a way of showing that you care about the environment.

2- Avoid bottled water

Bottled water leads to the buildup of plastic waste. If you can use a refillable bottle every time you are out of the house, then do so because this small gesture will play a huge role in reducing plastic waste.

plastic bottles

3- Take a thermos to the coffee shop

If you are a fan of coffee, then it is likely that you go to the coffee shop every morning. You should note that although disposable coffee cups look like paper, a substantial part of them is plastic. More specifically, the wrapping is usually polyethene, which is plastic. Bringing your thermos to the coffee shop reduces the use of such cups.

plastic waste

4- Do not use a straw

Whether it is at home or at a bar or restaurant, people use plastic straws one-time only leading to the buildup of these plastic items. Stop this buildup by avoiding the use of straws.

5-Say no to gum

Originally, chicle was the substance used to make gum. Manufacturers replaced chicle, a tree sap that is natural rubber, with polyethene and polyvinyl acetate. Although you can recycle gum, it is better to avoid it altogether.

6- Use matches instead of a plastic lighter

Whether you want to make a campfire or light a candle, use a match instead of using disposable plastic lighters that sit in landfills for years after you dispose of them.

7- Return reusable containers

If you go to farmers market and buy berries or cherry tomatoes packed in plastic containers, be sure to bring them back with you when you need a refill.

8- Use cloth diapers

Instead of using disposable diapers that contain a lot of plastic, consider cloth diapers. These diapers reduce your child’s carbon footprint in the world in addition to saving you loads of money.

9- Skip the disposable razor

Instead of buying a disposable plastic razor every month, invest in one that allows you to change the blade once it becomes blunt.

10- Start your own waste-free period

Pads and tampons contain a lot of plastic material. You can make your period waste free by using other options such as DIY-with-pride reusable pads, Ruby Cup, and Diva Cup.