5 Green Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean

Having a pool in your backyard doesn’t mean you can’t look after the environment. There are several things you can to do to keep your pool clean without polluting your home space. So, do have a think about your backyard and help the environment by trying a more eco-friendly way of keeping your swimming pool clean.

swimming pool

1-Build a natural plant pools

Natural plant pools are popular in Europe and are known as swimming ponds. The pool is constructed with a plastic liner. A separate area planted with aquatic vegetation is built right next to the pool and the plants are a biological filter for the pool. If it’s built correctly, natural plant pools are self-cleaning systems with lower maintenance costs.

2-Choose a salt water pool

Add salt water to your pool by using a special type of generator to create chlorine naturally. Some salt water pool systems have the ability to oxidize other contaminants like body oil, urine and sunscreen. While salt water pools are not chemical or chlorine free, the volume of products needed is reduced considerably.

green swimming pool

3-Use An Ultraviolet Pool Cleaner

By using an ultraviolet pool cleaner, you will cut down on the chlorine you need to use in your pool. How this works is you install a sterilizer between your pool filter and the water return line. Ultraviolet systems are energy efficient as they use ultraviolet light to eliminate chlorine by-products.

4-Try an ozone pool system

An ozone pool system works along the same lines are an ultraviolet pool cleaner by utilizing ultraviolet light. The ozone is mixed with pool water –  through a circulation system – resulting in the elimination of contaminants. An ozone pool system will still require the use of chlorine, however, you’ll use a lot less.

5-Buy a robotic pool cleaner

If you’re not in the position to install a new kind of pool system, then the most eco-friendly type of pool cleaner to choose is a robotic pool cleaner. Robots are beginning to play a huge role in our daily lives and robotic pool cleaners have come a long way. By having a robotic cleaner that is energy efficient, your pool will stay cleaner and greener.